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epicyte hydro for chronic wounds

Hydro active wound dressing

epicite hydro for chronic wounds is a modern, hydro active wound dressing. It is based on biosynthetic cellulose and contains more than 95% isotonic saline.

epicite hydro for chronic is particularly useful1,2 to support the
— wound cleansing
— removal of debris
— reactivation of wound healing
— maintenance of the moist wound environment while simultaneously absorbing wound exudate
— pain reduction at dressing changes

epicite is used for chronic wounds:

Wounds with low to moderate amounts of exudate, especially venous leg ulcers, mixed leg ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome, pressure sores and soft tissue lesions.

1 Zahel P. et al. (2022) Pharmaceuticals, 15, 683
2 Clinical application study as part of the PMCF measures “epicite hydro on chronic wounds” (2021)



REMODELING Skin & Scars – 5 Growth Factor Complex

The need:

Wound healing is progressing in overlapping phases. The fourth and last is the remodeling or the maturation phase of the tissue. Starting a few weeks after an injury, it could last as long as two years. In this final and longest phase, collagen synthesis is ongoing to strengthen the tissue. Remodeling occurs as the wound continues to contract and fibers continue to reorganize. The further contraction of the wound results in scar tissue getting to about 80% of the tensile strength of uninjured skin. This healed tissue will always be at higher risk of breakdown as skin tensile is no longer 100%. The dominant part of this phase happens after the wound is closed. Often it leads to differences between HCP and patient when assessing the outcome of this phase.
“28% of the times patients and physicians disagree on the scar evaluation”1
“55% of patients reported that their scars as being raised (hypertrophic). Scar color and shape was an issue for 23%, and 39% experienced prolonged healing“2

The solution:

Wound experts develop the Dermaexel™ cream to support the remodeling process. It contains the innovative 5 Growth-Factor-Complex (5GFC).
It is generally known that growth factors play an important role in wound healing. They
• Attract cells to the affected area
• Stimulate cell proliferation
• Promote the collagen and fibronectin formation to give the skin firmness and elasticity
• Coordinate the entire cell repair process
Dermaexel™ REMODELING is a soft cream that contains a composition of essential growth factors (5 Growth-Factors-Complex – 5-GFC):
It improves the physiological skin repair process through
• A FAST remodeling (after wound closure)
• BETTER skin quality, hydration, firmness, smoothness, and tone
Dermaexel™ is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

How to use:

Apply a thin layer of the cream once or twice a day, gently massaging in a circular motion until completely absorbed.

Hand disinfection


highly effective without harming the skin

The Need:

Normally, hand disinfection comes as a liquid or gel, based on 70-85% alcohol. These products work by drying out the bacterial cell walls, thereby destroying them.

However, alcohol is also affecting healthy skin by dehydrating it. People using alcohol-based hand disinfection, therefore risk to damaging the skin, and the more often alcohol-based products are used, and the more fragile it is, the higher the risk. Healthcare and service personnel, children, and older people are typically at risk. According to WHO, 25-50% of healthcare personnel claim to have skin problems on their hands.

If you or your colleagues are in a risk group,
you should look for more gentle alternatives with the same,
better, or broader disinfecting effect compared to
alcohol-based products.

The Solution:

SafeDes® is a patented, alcohol-free solution developed by the Norwegian company SoftOx Solutions AS. It uniquely combines the instant microbial killing effect of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is generated from the active ingredient sodium hypochlorite during the manufacturing process and improved with an organic acid. SafeDes® is the first hypochlorous acid hand disinfectant with documented two years shelf life.

In contrast to alcohol, which consists of 75-85 % organic solvent, SafeDes® is water-based combined with ingredients naturally present in the human body. It does not attack the natural fat layer that protects the skin and is gentle towards the skin’s natural microflora.

As the active chlorine in the solution works through oxidation, the name of the company came quickly; SoftOx Solution.

If you or your colleagues are in the risk group, contact us now

See how, here >

SafeDesTo repeat SafeDes® is:

1. Alcohol-free hand disinfectant

  • Approved for humans
  • Regulated by Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), Product Type 001

    2. Superior killing effect and broad-spectrum solution

      1. The solution has shown a superior killing effect on bacteria, yeast, fungi, and inactivation of viruses. Better than required by European Norm (EN) tests, and the virucidal effect, including the Covid-19 virus, is broader than for any hand disinfection with up to 85% alcohol known to SoftOx Solutions. Documented through:

        • EN1500   Approved as a hand disinfection product
        • EN13727   Approved efficient on bacteria for use in the medical area
        • EN13624   Approved efficient on fungi & yeast for use in the therapeutic area
        • EN14476   Approved efficient on all types of viruses for use in the medical field
          Tested efficient on enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2

        3. Fast kill/inactivation

        • Enveloped Virus 15 sec. Like: Corona, Vaccinia, Influenza, HIV, and Herpes
        • Bacteria 30 sec. Like: Staphylococcus sp., P. aeruginosa & E. coli 
        • Yeast & Fungal 30 sec. Like: Candida albicans, Aspergillus braziliensis
        • Naked Virus 1-2 min. Like: Noro-, Polio-, Adeno-and Rotaviruses

        SafeDes® is inactivating the Coronavirus in 15 seconds, whereas alcohol-based disinfectants require 30 seconds – which, in practice, is not always reached as the alcohol evaporates too fast.

        FDA only approves efficacy claims for alcohol-based hand disinfection (80%) on bacteria, no virus

        4. Well-tolerated*               

        SafeDes® is a water-based solution with 0.02% or 200ppm hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is developed from the active ingredient sodium hypochlorite during the manufacturing process and improved with an organic acid.

        It has a light scent of chlorine and vinegar that disappears when hands are drying – an odour of efficiency.

        * Clinically tested at Department of Dermatology, Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen

        5. Safe                      

        In contrast to alcohol-based disinfectants, SafeDes® does not require classification as dangerous according to the CLP Regulation (EC No 1272/2008), and no safety warnings

        These pictograms, used for hazardous chemicals, are not required:

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