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Coopmed supports MedTech startups and SMEs launching their products

to the benefit of the patients

Epicite® balance – the moist dressing →

BlauProtect® – the blue barrier film →

Dermaexel™ – skin repair cream with growth factors →

SafeDes® – alcohol-free handdisinfection →

Raguse – customized procedure sets →

Coopmed is supporting MedTech startups to succeed in Europe

…. and the US by assisting the sales network buildup – actively selling products – and backing innovation ambitions to improve the Quality of Life of people in touch with the healthcare system.

Building a sales structure requires focus to have one that matters, as you need a huge reach to succeed in building sufficient revenue for the partners to carry their costs. A few distributors here and there will not do the job. Our focus is on single-use, reimbursed products for people in homecare and elderly homes, treatments initiated or supported by specialized hospital wards and clinics.

Participating start-ups and niche players

Coopmed was established in August 2020 and has had a lot of attention from incubator environments already. The first cooperation agreement was ready from the start.

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Knowledge is essential when selling medical products, knowledge is undoubtedly important when selling new innovative products, and in general, knowledge is vital to gain the respect of healthcare professionals. Therefore, Coopmed divides the sales structures and concepts around therapy areas




Circular Economy and Consumables


Monitoring Patients – eHealth & Devices


Diagnosing Patients - Biomarkers

Sales Challenges for Start-up Companies

To be a start-up with a one- or two-product focus, starting with zero product and brand awareness, with one or two sales resources for all of Europe, and only basic knowledge of the markets and its distributors, does not make life easy.


years of experienced staff combined
in our team

Finn Ketler

Hubertus Ruthmann

Franco Giraudi

Frédéric Bernard