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– the blue barrier film for protecting the skin and avoiding IAD – no cyanoacrylate

BlauProtect® protects at-risk skin, damaged skin, and skin tears of the elderly. The protectant skin products act as breathable barrier films.

It is an innovative liquid skin protectant based on a methylidene malonate monomer formulation and is an alternative to cyanoacrylate products. It does not contain alcohol or acetone. It is intended to protect intact or damaged skin from the effects of moisture, friction (rubbing), or shear (tearing), with the following benefits:


  • The Blue color of the applied film, as it shows how well a critical area is protected vs. transparent solutions
  • The high elasticity ensures comfortable performance and safety. Can be stretched flexibly like the skin up to 300% (elongation tests) vs. only 10% for cyanoacrylate
  • Odorless/No smell
  • Fast drying time