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your goal, is our ambitions

We have divided our ambitions into the below statements to highlight why we have established Coopmed, the purpose of it, our focus, and what performance vision we are striving for.


To support MedTech and Medical Device innovations that improve the Quality of Life of people in touch with the healthcare system, by actively accelerating the resource-demanding sales process for startups and SMEs.


Building a sales structure requires focus to have one that matters, as you need a huge reach to succeed in building sufficient sales for the partners to carry their costs. A few distributors here and there will not do the job. Our focus is on single-use, reimbursed products for people in homecare and elderly homes, treatments initiated or supported by specialized hospital wards and clinics.


To support more than 20 MedTech startups by 2025, by building cashflow-generating companies and shareholder value. Ultimately, establishing a new Medical Device industry player.