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One year of analyzing

After a year of analyzing more than 40 start-up cases, we have signed the 2nd principal contract. Exelderma, a Portuguese company, has developed an innovative cream to regenerate the skin. It contains five growth factors known for their importance in wound healing, supporting the regeneration of the skin after wound closure. In most cases, the skin is weak and vulnerable after the wound has been closed. To achieve good skin quality, hydration and elasticity of the skin, the use of Dermaexel® Remodeling Cream is beneficial.

In addition, Dermaexel® Remodeling cream has shown a significant effect on irritated and compromised skin in relation to sunburns, irritated skin after wearing face masks, hand wash, or the use of alcohol-based sanitizers.

Dermaexel® Remodeling cream quickly absorbs into the skin where the five (5) growth factors unfold